Microcurrent therapy: How it works and its Side effects and Precautions

Microcurrent Therapy: How it Works and Its Side Effects and Precautions

There are numerous miraculous items on the market and numerous miracle treatments that can be used. Still, when it comes to viewing actual non-surgical face lifting effects, microcurrent technology stands out the most. A Microcurrent Therapy is frequently referred to as a “non-surgical facelift.”

Compared to a plethora of skincare therapies that can be pricey, uncomfortable, and time-consuming to provide effects, microcurrent treatments can produce results after just one session.

It is safe, extremely calming, simple, and enjoyable to do or have, but most importantly, it works! Here are the frequently asked questions on what you need to know about Microcurrent Therapy, how it works, and its side effects.

What is Microcurrent Therapy

To comprehend the efficacy of Beyond Microcurrent Therapy, remember that electricity is constantly flowing through our bodies. This electricity is required for our cells to communicate and conduct biological activities.

Using a low-grade electrical current entails “training” face muscles to seem more lifted, tightened, and firm. It’s known as the “non-invasive facelift,” and it’s akin to “facial sit-ups.”

Voltage is delivered scientifically across conductive material (skin), with one end being positive (+) and the other becoming negative (-). (-). (-). Current is the term used to describe the flow of electrons from one end to the other of a wire. Amperes, or amps, are the units of measurement for this movement (symbol: A). A limited number of electrons travel from one end to the other in microcurrent therapy.

Like everything else, the muscles in the face begin to deteriorate. We must exercise them to keep them firm; therefore, we utilize current to activate the muscles. We start with a low current and then raise it until you get the firmness you like. It is necessary to maintain consistency, which means that microcurrent therapy is sufficient; however, weekly treatments will produce more effective and faster outcomes.

A lymphatic drainage massage is also performed with microcurrent therapy. It improves lymphatic circulation by hitting various pressure points on the face and neck, resulting in decreased puffiness in the treated area.

The Procedure 

Microcurrent Therapy is a non-invasive facial toning therapy that is performed in the clinic. Microcurrent machine applicators are usually made up of two wands or gloves applied to the face simultaneously. These wands or gloves generate a low-frequency electrical current that boosts collagen and elastin production in your body. The skin will be washed and prepared for the procedure during this facial. For better touch and outcomes, your skincare professional will apply a serum or topical product. The therapy is pleasant, with only a minor stinging sensation.

The Benefits

When it comes to skincare and beauty, microcurrent therapy has numerous advantages. As we age, our skin develops lines and wrinkles, and its flexibility declines. Muscles beneath the skin begin to sag and weaken as well. Skin deteriorates; all of this can be restored with microcurrent therapy. This type of treatment is effectively a workout for your face, restoring lost vitality to your facial muscles and skin. Consider it similar to going to the gym for a workout, except you come out looking younger!

This face workout stimulates the development of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins that help erase symptoms of aging and maintain the youthful skin you deserve.

This form of facial not only removes wrinkles as one of the indicators of aging and gives skin a youthful glow, but it also enhances pigmentation. They are also a non-surgical approach for face lifting, hence the name natural facelift.

They are completely painless, and there is no downtime. Results are visible immediately after the first treatment and improve with each subsequent treatment. They not only restore skin but also smooth out wrinkles and define your jaw. Microcurrent Therapy sculpts your face, enhancing your cheekbones and providing all the benefits of a facelift without the surgery.

Is Microcurrent Therapy Safe

Microcurrent Therapy, unlike typical surgical facelifts, is entirely safe and has no real adverse effects. The sole exception is if you are pregnant or have cardiac disease, in which case a microcurrent facial is not recommended. Aside from that, everyone else is safe to use this skin treatment.

Microcurrent Therapy is for everybody who wants them. Toxic contaminants in the air and natural habitats cause skin damage, on top of the natural deterioration that occurs over time.

The Side Effect

There are no adverse effects, and they are correct in that there are no actual bad side effects. However, based on my experience, you might feel a little different following your therapy. Microcurrent therapy alters muscle tissue, softens scar tissue, and boosts circulation by eliminating waste materials and improving cellular metabolism. Because this happens so quickly, there is frequently a detoxifying reaction after the treatment. Some people react similarly to deep tissue massage, but the response to Microcurrent is more potent because a lot is accomplished in such a short amount of time. Although adverse effects are uncommon, they can include nausea, exhaustion, and drowsiness. The adverse effects usually begin during or shortly after treatment and can continue anywhere from 4 to 24 hours. It is not known if there are any long-term effects. Microcurrent has a lengthy track record of being extremely safe.

What to do if you experience some side effects

As with any massage or detox therapy, you should drink at least two quarts of water in the two hours following your session. If the adverse effects return, drink more water, and they should go away in approximately 20 minutes.

Who Should Avoid Microcurrent Therapy

  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals with Thrombosis
  • Individuals Phlebitis
  • Individuals suffering from Epilepsy
  • Individuals with Cancer
  • Individuals with an implanted pacemaker or another electrical device
  • Individuals with implants or metal plates in the skull (Dental implants should not be a problem, although this is dependent on the individual’s sensitivity level)

The Take-Away

While you may see remarkable changes after just one session, you will experience even more significant and long-lasting results over time if you continue with the microcurrent therapy. Professionals at the Integrated Med Spa will work with you to achieve the most excellent possible results from your treatments on a session-by-session basis, making any necessary adjustments. You can get the ideal outcomes from any therapy you require at the Integrated Med Spa. You can now book an appointment from the comfort of your own home.


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